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Welcome to my wargaming blog. First an introduction. My name is Greg Boeser and I’ve been wargaming since I was a little boy. Plastic green army men defending fortifications made of baseball cards, shot to pieces with rubber bands, classic boardgames like Battleship, Risk, Chopper Strike, and others. As I grew older, I discovered the commercial board wargame companies, Avalon Hill, SPI and the like. My favorite genre was WW2 and my favorite games were Squad Leader and Air Force/Dauntless from Avalon Hill. Later, games like World in Flames and the Fighting Wings series caught my fancy. Role playing games got me interested in the Medieval period and from there I got hooked on ancient and medieval miniatures gaming.



I’m presently working on a pair of armies for Warmaster Ancients. I have a Visigoth army, and now I’m working on its historical opponent, the later Roman Empire. Figures are all Old Glory 10mm.

Visigoth light cavalry intercepts a brigade of Saxons.

The Romans

The Mounted portion of the Army: General, Leader, two units of Heavy Cavalry, two units of Light Cavalry

First unit of Legions. Shield transfers from

Second unit of Legions

Another Legion Unit

Fourth unit of Legion

First unit of Skirmishers

Second Unit of Skirmishers


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Late Romans vs Rus

Another Warmaster Ancients Battle Report Our July WMA game got pushed back a week due to scheduling conflicts. I went on a religious retreat and George went to Historicon. This gave me the opportunity to finish another unit of foot for the Romans. Nearly complete with the first 1000 points, I had to conscript a…

Late Roman Medium Infantry

These three units of medium infantry round out my first 1000 point Warmaster Ancients Late Roman army. Figures are Old Glory 10mm Late Roman Auxiliaries, with Late Roman Auxiliary Command figures.

Thebei Legiones Palatina

This is the fifth of my legion units for my Warmaster Ancients Late Roman army. And proved to be the trickiest so far. Painting went as normal: sprayed flat black primer, then honey brown for the base, chestnut for the shoes, burlap for the leggings. Since this unit will represent “Veterans” I painted the tunics…

Visigoths face Saxons defending a hill.